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Hand protection

Safety gloves MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ 34-876
We have designed and developed a breathable gloves MaxiFlex® Ultimate™. Today it is the standard for precision handling in a dry environment. MaxiFlex® Ultimate ™ range includes 8 sizes and 4 variant cover, in which 48 kinds of gloves, so you will easily choose exactly what is your best, considering the specificity of work.


Breathability 360°

AIRtech - a patented micro-foam nitrile coating. Small bubbles form micro channels that ensure heat dissipation in a natural way, which in turn promotes the "breathing" of the skin. AIRtech provides, as already noted, breathability for full 360 °. Heat sink promotes greater comfort, safety and high productivity.

Reducing hands fatigue

The aim of a platform ERGOtech is to create gloves that provide a sense of "second skin". ERGOtech focused on maximizing the beneficial properties that are in the appropriate form, perfect fit and unsurpassed tactile properties. All this serves the formation of the consumer exclusively positive impression.

Creation, development and application of technology ERGOtech would bring our gloves natural contours of the hand, providing exceptional flexibility, convenience and high tactile properties.

DURAtech - technology platform, which aims to extend the life of the gloves. For what? It is not only their strength. Gloves with high wear resistance level - is, firstly, economically profitable. However, gloves should also look clean and fresh. Therefore, we gave them the opportunity to wash. So, you can fully enjoy all the benefits of our gloves throughout their lifetime.

Increase productivity

The company ATG considers reliable capture to be the main criterion for security. Covering with "micro-cup", which is used in the platform GRIPtech, stabilizes delight, promoting safety while working with some details. Moreover, it reduces hands fatigue that can occur due to improper grip. This effect is achieved by using a patented coating process only in those places where it is necessary to it will not affect the usability gloves and elasticity.

We take very seriously the safety of the planet and humanity, so the rational use of natural resources is at the heart of our business.

For this, we have created a special team that deals with measuring and control of short-term and long-term environmental impact of our production processes. This team of experts helps us look to the future, to improve performance and find ways to minimize this further impact. The monitoring process is fully certified to ISO 14001 and is the base for our environmental regulations and programs HANDCARE.

The entire production process meets the requirements of the European REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemical Substances). For the ultimate elimination of odors in our gloves, we process them with the Sanitized, which acts as a built-in deodorant. It supports their freshness and gives you a sense of security and protection. Importantly, Sanitized grade is triclosan free.

HANDCARE program applies to all products ATG. We not only provide a safe production process for our employees, but as an additional measure of purity we wash all ready gloves. For washing we use only rainwater, which is processed in their own treatment plants and used in a closed cycle. This helps to ensure freshness of the gloves after removal from packaging, which is certified by Oeko-Tex.

Furthermore, dermatologists association Skin Health Alliance approves our gloves. Certificate of this reputable association, first published in PPE, gives confidence to all of our consumers that they are using really "healthy" gloves that do not cause any harm to the skin.

We spare no effort to make ATG gloves safe for both the user and for the planet. We do our best from the beginning to the end to ensure allergic and dermatological safety of every our glove, without exception, and keep their deserved reputation as the most friendly gloves to human’s skin on the planet.


Basic materials

Appliances, agricultural chemicals, aluminium, automotive assembly, automotive aftermarket, brown goods, chemicals, OEM, oil and gas, metals and materials, mining, steel and iron, packaging and containers, paper and pulp plastics, rubber and plastics, trucks and other vehicles, white goods.

Industrial goods

Aerospace and defense, general building materials, contractors, glass, construction, durable goods, industrial electrical equipment, metal fabrication, residential construction, small tools and accessories, textiles.


Airport security, auto parts stores, baggage and handling, building materials wholesale, gaming, grocery stores, road and railroad works.



Finishing and inspection


Handling of small components

Primary, secondary and final assembly


Logistics and warehousing

Using tools and instruments

Wiring operations

Ref No 34-876
Coating fully
Length 25 cm
Palm thickness 1.00 mm
EN 388 4131
Size 5 (XXS) - 12 (XXXL)
Silicone free yes